The Best Speakers in the Car


Now, in most cars, acoustics come straight from the factory, but its quality may not suit the owner, especially if the car is in the budget segment. Thus, it becomes necessary to purchase good car speakers. The best speakers in the car (according to motorists and car experts) are presented in our rating.

There are 3 types of car speakers:

  • Broadband
  • Coaxial
  • Component

In broadband systems, the work goes to one speaker, which is engaged in reproducing the entire frequency range. Well suited as an entry-level voice acting – for listening to news or creating a soft sound background while traveling.

The coaxial system uses several speakers on the rear axle. Their number varies, but the most common three-way system.

The component system involves the installation of speakers separately. It is difficult to install, requires large investments, but the quality and volume of sound provides excellent. It is actively used in competitions in car audio – a new trend, where motorists compete not only with a better engine, but whose speakers are more powerful.


Which car speakers are the best?

The leader in popularity in this segment are speakers from the Pioneer brand . The company has been manufacturing acoustic systems since 1938 and has established itself from the very best side.

Good car speakers Alpine . The acoustics of this company is widely known in the circles of car enthusiasts and is characterized by high build quality, both in the budget and top segments.

True patriots are trying to please the Ural company , known for its unique radios. In 1997-1998, the Russian company released its first car speakers, and today it offers sound systems that are not inferior to imported ones.

In this article we will talk about the best automobile speakers with a diameter of 13 and 16 cm. Both options are used in a certain frequency range. 16 cm show excellent performance when playing sound from 80 Hz, and 13 cm – from 100 Hz. But for bass, 13 cm may not be enough, so car enthusiasts mostly put sixteen. There is one more rule – if the installation of a “sub” is not planned, it is better to set the speakers to 16 cm. But if you have one, you can restrict yourself to 13 cm speakers.

How to choose a good car speaker?


Choosing the best car speakers depends on your needs and wallet. But there are some nuances that must be considered:

  1. In the vast majority of modern vehicles, regular acoustics are located in the doors. Usually their size is 16.5 cm. Less often 13 cm are found, but they are also finalized to 16.
  2. It is best to install component acoustics in the frontal niches. She helps shape the main scene.
  3. Do not neglect vibration isolation, it helps to eliminate unnecessary noise.
  4. Mid-range and high-frequency speakers should be directed to passengers in front and removed as far as possible from listeners.
  5. Pay more attention to the rated power, as it determines the volume of the main sound. Maximum power is peak, not operational. At the limit, the columns will crack and quickly fail.
  6. Pay attention to what the magnet is made of. The best are neodymium magnetic systems. Despite the unpretentious appearance, they are quite light and with their help the speaker has a minimum depth of landing.